Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Practical Life: Pouring water

You need a bottle, funnel & cup(s) of water and a tray (collect any spillage).
Instruct the child to put the funnel over the bottle.

Take the cup and pour into the funnel.
{I gave her two small cups of water because i wanted her to pour small quantity at a time. I was quite sure she wouldn't be able to manage if she was given a bigger cup filled with water.} 

The adventurous girl wanted to transfer the water in the bottle into the cups which wasn't part of my plan but oh well. The bottle was too big for her i know, but that was what i had in my house.

Don't forget to prepare a towel!
Tip: don't be too overwhelmed by the spillage, just calmly teach the child how to use the towel to wipe the floor.
And once she is profficient in this, she is ready to pour a drink for you! :P

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