Friday, 10 May 2013

My 5 favourite toys at my home

Walking through toy shops these days make me feel kind of sick. There are racks after racks of toys, so many of them! Unfortunately, as many as there are, they lack imagination and very often one dimensional (there's only one rigid way of playing them). Once the kids are done with it, it's done. Chucked in a corner of the house and never to be seen again. Yep, i have many of those stored in my house now.
That said, there are a few saving grace. There are toys (oh bless the souls of these toy
 makers) that encourages imagination, open ended and are timeless, that can be played over and over again and some even differ with each play.
Here are my 5 (actually there are a few more) toys that i am patting on my back for buying.
1. Soccer goal post.
Sonshine isn't quite an outdoor sport kind of kid. So to encourage him, i got this for him. Thanks to his father's love for soccer (as in sit on the couch and criticise other people playing), Sonshine was hooked. He has been playing this with daddy almost every night. So he gets a bit of an outdoor, indoor! Plus he gets his gross motor skills exercise fix!

2. Basketball stand
Yep, same reason as the above. I found this great because we can adjust according to his height. And he gets to practise his throwing ball & aiming skills right in the comfort of his own home!

3. Lego
I believe there is no explanation needed. We all know that this the best open ended toys we have ever known and will ever know!

4. Cooking/Kitchen play sets.
This is a big hit with my 6 year old and 2 year old. I love it because we can pretend play. Sometimes we pretend to be diners, sometimes waiters, sometimes cooks, sometimes cashiers etc. Okay, i confess, it is not we. It is they (both my kids) while i sit back and pretend to be pretending. :P This is something the kids play over and over and over again. Kitchen play sets are classic and never a bore.

5. Thomas Train
Yes, you read me right. Somehow i find this toy set encourages creativity. Sonshine loves to design his own train track routes, he can choose to have an up slope here or a down slope there or a curve track here or a straight track there. Each time he plays this, the train track designs are never the same. Each time it is as creative as the previous design. My husband and i are always in awe of Sonshine's creation! I love watching him play this as he puts in full concentration and thought into each design.
There you have it! My 5 favourite toys at my home. :)
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  1. I have yet to buy real lego sets. But there are so many varieties, I don't know which one to choose. They all seemed to promote some sort of specific design. Which type will be more open ended? I am not the creative type. The only exposure I had with Legos is the Pirate set my parents bought for my little brother. He built the Pirate castle and that's all to the expensive play set. It's still intact but not played with after all these years. The kids are still enjoying their mega blocks and wooden blocks though.

    1. Get the assorted one with no Pre-fix designs. These are more open ended. Don't get the ones with themes they are usually one dimensional and you won't have the heart to break the structure up and let the kids play (& lose the pieces). :p

  2. We have a basketball hoop in our house that is also size adjustable. It is definitely one of my boys favorite toys. They love to play with it and they get such great gross motor practice in. I haven't bought legos yet. My kiddos are still a bit young and I don't want them to swallow the pieces or anything, but we will definitely be getting some in the next year or so. Thanks for all of the other ideas!

    1. Yes! Agree! I forgot to add that the soccer and basketball basket bring in a lot of family fun. It is something the whole family can play together and laugh our hearts out.

      Try duplo? But somehow it isn't as fun as lego.

  3. I agree. I have all except no. 1. They allow more creativity and the boys learn how to position themselves to throw the ball in a basketball post. My boys often played trains and cars (as in whose cars race faster).

    Btw, I read your comment in the other post. Thanks for enlightenment.

    1. oh good! Was concern that you won't go back and check. Do let me know if you have more questions (not that im an expert). :)

  4. We love the kitchen masak masak as well as Lego too! And like you, I'm quite wary of all those plastic dedicated toys, esp the battery operated ones! :p Thanks for linking up!

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