Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My 2 Year old Can read (Mandarin)!

As i have shared before, doll & i have been reading this book religiously day & night. She's become so familiar with this book that she would pick it up and read it to herself.
She reads the entire book, loud and clear, front to back, with English translation, for a long time now. I always thought she was reading purely by memorising so i didn't go WAAAAAAAAH even when i heard her reading.
So i thought it was time to move on by teaching her read recognise the words. So i prepared some cards corresponding to the words she learnt from the book.
I was in for a huge surprise!
On a whim, i flashed it to her and asked her 'what is this?'. She left my mouth wide opened when she read everything out. She did it without any accompanying pictures and in random order (differing from the book) so i know she CAN read.
I was blown away! Over the moon!
I am giving this book ten fingers and ten toes up!

And so, the purpose of my DIY cards were defeated. But no fear, i created another game for her. I gave a set of farm animals and got her to match them to the cards.
I've to say she's not 100% consistent but about 90% accurate. Sometimes she would confuse 猫 with 猪 but if i put them side by side, she could immediately tell them apart, strangely. I am quite surprised she didn't get confuse 狗 with 猫 or 猪 or 鸭 ,鸡 and 鸟.

Whoop! My baby can read! And she learnt to read Mandarin first, how odd considering we only speak English at home! LOL!


  1. good job doll! and well done mummy :)

  2. Thanks for sharing my joy babe!

  3. Well done and mummy, I love how you used the farm animal toys to relate the words to her !