Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mini Australian Unit (edited)

Following our trip to Australia, i made a Australian theme unit for Doll this week.

I made a printable for doll to learn her numbers from 11-14. Just to make it more Aussie, i added Koala bears design on the cards. She had to match the cards. As she picks one up i say out the number to help her recognise and identify.

Another printable i made, counting Cockatoos! I  accidentally discovered that she can count (not just rote count) up to 4! I made her these cards to help her practise more. :)
I took out all our animal toys; animals that can be found in Australia such as the Kangaroo, Koala, Sheep, cockatoo etc. Babydoll is task to match the animals to the cards and the word labels. My aim is to help her in word recognition.
I also made her an easy Australian map puzzle. I printed the map on the website and cut out the shapes. I chose this map because each state is color coded so Babydoll could match by color & shape.
This is how it looks like when completed.

Some non-Australian activity on our shelf. A box of 'B's.

This box contained all the objects/animals starting with the letter 'B'.

There are a couple of mandarin activity tray on our shelf this week.
I discovered Babydoll has learnt to read some more Mandarin words on fruits. Hence, I made these cards to help her revise and reinforce what she knows.

We are reading on colors (mandarin)! This is one activity to help speed up her learning.
This activity is still on our shelf. Well, it is somewhat Aussie, we did see these animals during our visit to Collingwood Farm in Melbourne! :P
Have a great week ahead y'all!
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