Monday, 6 May 2013

Montessori: DIY Movable Alphabet

One of my Montessori wish list is to own the Movable Alphabet. Cost aside, i find it too impractical to have it. First, it is too bulky for my space constraint house. Second, it is too one-dimensional as in, other than using it for phonics/spelling, there's really not much use for it. And once the kid is done with it, it will morph into a white elephant. So i always hesitate to make the purchase.
The real reason why i don't buy it because it can be easily made. I try to refrain from making purchases that i can make my own. Here, i share my own, DIY Movable Alphabet. 

Just using simple software, i printed the alphabets, laminate and cut. I was over the moon when i saw this compartmental box being sold at a shop- it is just what i need to store my cards!

Here's how it looks on the inside.
I was very fortunate. I made the cards prior to buying the box. I was delighted when the cards fitted perfectly into each compartment- phew, that saves me from re-printing!

The Movable alphabet is largely used to teach the child phonics, reading and eventually spelling. If you are interested to know how it works, you can read more here.
As i shared with another blogger, somehow i get more sense of satisfaction when my kids learn through materials that are hand made by me versus purchased ones. I always love to make learning materials for my kids but sometimes buying makes more sense & saves me loads of time!
So there, i hope to reinforce that Montessori learning at home does not need to be expensive. Lots of it can be made, with a little creativity and some time!
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  1. I was looking for such a box too! Your set looks great! Did you manage to laminate everything?

  2. Yes! I laminated first then cut it. :) you can get the box at those hardware shop at heartlands. :))

  3. This is fantastic and brilliant idea. Did you do it in PDF? Would you mind sharing it?

    1. Thanks! Please drop me an email homeschool(underscore)sg(at mark)yahoo(dot)com(dot)sg regarding this! :D