Monday, 20 May 2013

A new exciting blog and facebook!

I am excited to share with you that my good friend Lynn, has started her own blog!
What's so exciting about it? Well, if you are looking for home learning ideas to do with your pre-schoolers, her blog is a MUST to visit. She has tons of creative DIY ideas that you can do at home with your child. Best of all, her ideas are all easy, so easy that all busy moms & dads can DIY at home. No burning of our wallets required- thank you very much! Yet, her activities are appealing and attractive to any child, i promise!
Some background about Lynn. She is a teacher with 14 years of experience, now a Stay at home mom. I love to tap on the brains of teachers because, well they are after-all THE experts when it comes to teaching right? What's more, she is passionate, like burning passionate, about teaching and early childhood. But more importantly, she is also a mother who understands the ups & downs of being a mom.
So please, do me the honour and welcome her by hopping over to her blog.
And oh, *shy* i have started a facebook page.
I have NO idea why i did that for or what is the purpose of it, truth be told. BUt, i have my own favourite blog reads and i appreciate the updates i get on my facebook. It alerts me of new posts that i surely wouldn't want to miss. I reckon, I'll do the same for you guys here. Also, i know several of you who prefer to communicate outside of this blog. Facebook would be another (& probably faster) way to get in touch with me (other than email).
So, do me another honour, if you will, & like my page. The link is on the right panel of this blog.


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  1. Your friend's blog is good!! So many activities!