Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Numbers (Checked), Colors (Checked), Letters sound (Checked)!

I am very glad that just before Babydoll turned 2, she has mastered letter sounds, numbers (1-10) and colors! All my effort has been paid off!
Essentially, this is what i did.
I read and read and read!
I chose books with numbers, letter sound and colours themes. We visit the library every week, so each week i make sure our loots from the library have at least one or all of these themes. I think much of what she has learnt are from our reading sessions. As i read, i point, i get her to repeat after me. With each book and repetition, she gradually learnt and absorbed.
I won't say my tray activities helped much. It was more to reinforce what she knows and also for me to know how much she understands and learnt.
However, there are occasions where she learnt purely from hands on activities. She learnt her colours through our matching game. She learns easily and rapidly when we play matching games. So far, the colours she can recognise are blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, pink, black, white..i think that's all.
Big brother has learnt alot more by this age (i know, i shouldn't compare). I knew from the start her learning curve isn't as rapid as her brother's. So i set my expectations very low, so low that whatever she accomplished i make a huge hula balu over it! :P

Well done, Babydoll! You make mummy proud just as big brother did. :)


  1. Yay! That's really great. My boy wasn't even interested in numbers when he was 2. I guess he is a late bloomer, or just a silent observer... since he had bursts of knowledge around 3 years old.... and not stopping since.... :)

  2. Yes! In motessori's term, it's The sensitive period. Once they are interested, boom! Wham! They learn so fast yah?