Monday, 27 May 2013

For the love of Russian Dolls!

I bought this beauty at Victoria market, Australia. I was over the moon when i saw this because i was looking for one! (It is hard to find one here!)

I had to convince myself that this was an educational piece of work! And it is! One can use this to teach about 'big vs small', 'biggest to smallest'.

This is also a great visual discrimination activity for the child! Matching the correct upper body to the lower.

I wouldn't stop with my obsession for Russian dolls. I made them following a tutorial i saw on a craft book. I could make more but ah, i was too lazy!

I used these babies and created a matching game for doll. To avoid more work, i simply photocopied the 4 paper dolls i hand made; so now i've got multiples! I made a sort of a table mat of Russian dolls bordered with WASHI tapes.

I made another set, stuck some stickers and wrote numbers on them. Doll has to match the numbers. Admittedly, she could also match by size but oh well.

And to top up my love for Russian dolls, i just HAD to get this cute Russian doll T-shirt and bottle for doll from Cotton On Kids (and washi tape of course)! :D

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