Sunday, 5 May 2013

Homeschoolsg in Melbourne

We have no activity this week because we flew off down under to Melbourne, Australia! It was a fantastic, awesome family trip for us.
This is my husband's & my second trip. We came here together as a newly minted couple, now, we lugged two extra 'luggages'! It was sentimental indeed!

There were some things i liked about Melbourne but some things didn't rub off me well.
So, here's 5 things i like about Melbourne:
1) I love the rich Asian flavour in the city. I didn't feel so displaced and more importantly, i can get my Asian food fix anytime, anywhere. There are so many choices, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and even Malaysian/Singapore cuisine. Quite apt for my picky eating kids who are not quite used to bread, ham and cheese. And i also can get my teh-tarik easily too! 
2) I love that beyond the city, there are big space (think greenery, sand, sea, mountains etc) for the kids to run amok and interact with Mother nature. The space is huge, vast and seemingly never-ending. Whilst we have these here in Singapore, space is often limited and we have to squeeze & share the premise with every other like-minded family.
3) It offers lots of non-city activities, other than hanging out in malls, for families with young kids. There are alot of options to go to for kids to just play and be kids. You can visit a farm, take a steam train, just drive along the coast, picnic at the limitless park and so much more!
4) I love the weather! When we were there, we enjoyed Sun and cool weather. We had our jackets on AND shades, LOL! It was cold (about 18 degrees) but nothing unbearable. Despite running around in the park, walking up and down the street, we didn't perspire a bead!
5) The people there are friendlier & more helpful. We met alot of locals there who were very willing to share recommendations to us, give us directions etc. One even took the initiative to help sonshine when he had some trouble at the mall. The service there is also much more genuine and sincere. I absolutely love talking to the locals there, such nice & wonderful people!

5 Things i didn't like about Melbourne:
1) It is getting crowded. I notice the streets are filled with people as compared to 10 years back, it was quite scary especially when i have a 2 year old who insist on running on  her own (and away from me).
2) I sucked in cigarette air 90% of time whilst walking on the street. Every other person seems to be lighting a cigarette, it was so bad that sonshine had to hold his nose as we walk (he hates the smell). He even commented that people here loves to smoke.
3) Somehow, i was disappointed that Melbourne seem to have lost its colour. It wasn't as lovely as i had remembered. I cannot point a finger to it but i sensed it the moment i stepped into the city. I had wanted to come home on our second day at the city because, well, it was plain dull. But it's nature and non city places saved the trip!
4) Shopping was bad. There's nothing there you cannot get here in Singapore (and cheaper). Somehow, browsing through the shops bore me to no end. We were so starve for shopping that we had to shop at Changi Airport on arrival! :P
5) I didn't like that we can only do one activity per day if we drive out of the city. For instance, if we visit say Puffing Billy train ride. By the time we return to the city, everything is closed or closing (even though we were back by 630pm), there's not much we can do except to eat and adjourn to our apartment.
All in all, it was a fabulous trip! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! If we ever return for a 3rd trip, we would surely be staying away from the city- so much more to explore there!
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  1. We love Melbourne too! Went there before we had kids, but yes, I think its a lovely place to visit with kids in tow too, esp with all that nature outside the city. Pity about the smoking though, but it seems the case in most cities these days, esp in the winter when people puff to warm up!