Monday, 27 May 2013

Grammar: adjectives & nouns

It's been awhile since i last prepared an activity for Sonshine. I missed such times versus making him do assesment books. I found that when doing hands-on activities like Montessori, we had more fun and it was quite stress free. 
Whereas when doing assessment books, it is almost like do or die. The answers are fix and rigid; black or white; right or wrong. Moreover, some assessment books are specially created to slash the kids' brains like an assessment ninja. (OK that was lame!)
It makes revision very stressful.
But I digress.
This was a grammar activity to teach him how to use Adjectives to describe Nouns.  On a paper, i drew two columns, one for 'adjectives' and the other for 'nouns'. {The child must have prior knowledge what a 'noun' is}
I gave him two baskets; one had all the adjective words and the other noun words. He randomly drew a noun card, in this picture 'dad' and he drew out adjectives & place them in the corresponding column. I showed him we can use adjectives to describe 'dad'; such as a 'good dad', a 'fast dad' (hmm not sure if that makes sense) or a 'round dad'. He played a few more rounds using other nouns & adjectives.
I could tell he was happy and stress free while working this activity.
To end the lesson, i gave him a simple worksheet i prepared and had him identify the adjective and nouns. Easy peasy. Ah, this was one of the most relax home learning i have in many, many months!

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