Thursday, 6 June 2013

This week...

It must be the school holidays! I am feeling rather sluggish & out of sync (I'm feeling sleepy as i type this zzzz).
Oh well, i still manage a few activities here and there with doll this week. :)

I've two of these Styrofoam Alphabet puzzles; one in Capital letters and the other, small letters. I took out the small letter foam letters and have doll match it to their capital letters. It was more for me to check if she knows. She does! All thanks to this DVD me thinks!

I printed these from a free printable site. Oh my goodness, i have forgotten which site was it! :P I will return back when i get back my memory! Anyway, this was matching card game. The cards are cut into halves and she has to find the matching half.

Matching the Montessori Geometry sets to its correct based.

Now that she has learnt her numbers from 1-10, i am moving on to numbers from 11-15. She loves Thomas the Tank engine so i made these cards in her favourite character. :)


  1. Ahem... Refresh my memory, pls. How old is your doll? She's moving on to nos 11-15?!! Reading your Homelearning posts never fail to amaze me, nevermind whether you're sleepy or not! I'm inspired!!! :)

  2. Hahahaha! She just turn two. Thanks! I am just doing what I love doing and doing shoddy work for the rest- housework for one! :p So happy to hear that you're inspired! Does that mean you'll be blogging about home learning some time soon? Looking forward!!! ;))

  3. Just saw your comment. Well, yes! :) Somehow I realise that what makes me excited and passionate about is still education and homelearning! Reading your blog and other mommy blogs that focus on homeschooling or Homelearning makes me recall the reason why I started blogging in 2008: to record and share activities I did at home with my eldest boy! I've lost the focus along the way, but so thrilled to start all over again. You are one of those who have inspired me greatly. Thank you!!! :)