Saturday, 22 June 2013

H is for Happy (Willow), not Haze!

As if the heat and dengue fever situation isn't bad enough, some people decide to send hazardous smog our way.  Because of the haze, i have had my windows shut ALL day, ALL week. And we cannot go outdoor unless we want to risk our lungs. So because of the heat AND haze, we have been locked at home, making me feel downright suffocated in my own home. Not funny. Not funny at all.
It made me moody, irritable, annoyed and left me feeling extremely sluggish all week. I had no other desire than to hibernate in my room with the air-conditioner blasting with a vengeance. Needless to say, there was no Homeschool@sg. Period.
So imagine my JOY & relief when the good people at Happy Willow invited us over to check out their playground. It is an INDOOR playground. That means, we get to escape the heat (because it is air-conditioned), stay indoor (to hide away from the polluted air) and still have fun (entertainment to kill all time high boredom). At times like this, i am most grateful to indoor play areas such as these!
The kids curiously checking out Happy Willow! 

Shoes area. I love the shoe storage!

There are 3 main play areas.
One of which is the Toddlers' Turf.
This is a a cozy & safe (away from the naturally rowdy, older kids) area for the little ones.
In this area, there are some building blocks. I couldn't resist taking that chance to 'homeschool' doll! I played a mini game with her; i asked her to sit on certain block with certain alphabets or shapes. :P
There is also a separate mini ball area just for the toddlers. A really thoughtful gesture  because we all know how rough & oblivious to the young babes, older kids can be. :)
The second area is the Kids' Den for the older kids. In it are a number of play stations.
One of me kids' favourite in the Kids' den is the slide! Doll loves the slide and was happily helping herself with many turns.
The older kids can venture further up to the second level which will lead them to another slide and right into the bigger ball area.
You can see the slide at the background.
A mini (and extremely) safe rock climbing wall.

The third area is a pretend/toy play area.
Babydoll busy cooking a storm for mummy!
For kids who need to take a little breather, they can seek refuge at this cosy corner & read a book or two.
As you wait for your kids to explore & tire themselves out, you can chill & have a cuppa over at their cafe.
Or maybe catch some winks? :P
A rack of magazines to entertain you while you wait. How nice!
Admittedly, the place is relatively small. But it is right up my alley. For one, I'm the sort of parent who needs to know the precise location of my kids like at ALL times. This place allows me to do just that! With one glance or two, I get instant feedback on where my kiddos are.
Because of the small area, I can easily plop myself on the chair and literally chill. I don't have to hover around my kids.
I have to be honest and say the play areas aren't as thrilling but again, it sits just right with me. Because that means, i am assured that my kids are always safe away from rough play and won't be hit by some kid shooting balls at them.
The other thing that I absolutely love about the place is that the accompanying adults can easily walk through the playground without bending their back.  I have been to the many indoor playgrounds where i have to risk breaking my back as I follow my kids like a leech. O.U.C.H.

A locker! I thanked the heavens when i saw the locker! If you can't tell by now, i am one paranoid parent. I need to watch not only my kids but also my belongings. But that's really hard to do especially when you have two kids running in separate direction. That's why, I appreciate the lockers where i can keep my bag & know that my stuff are safely locked in while I keep my eyes peeled on the kids.
Overall, i think it is a great place for parents like me who prefer smaller playgrounds for easy management. This is also especially great for kids who prefer quieter, more peaceful, not so rough play like my kids. More importantly, it allows the parent to just kick back and space out. AH, HEAVENLY!
I am definitely going back! In fact, i am going back very very soon! :P
                        1 Fusionopolis Way, Fusionopolis, Connexis Tower, #B1-06
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 9:30am to 6:30pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 9:30am to 7:30pm
Admission Fees:

Monday to Fridays
(3 hour playtime)
  S$18 per child (2 years old and above)
  S$10 per child (9 months – less than 2 years old)



Weekends – Saturday, Sundays
& Public Holdiays

2 hour playtime
S$18 per child (2 years old and above)
S$10 per child (9 months – less than 2 years old)
S$3 per subsequent block of 30 mins.
For more information please visit

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