Wednesday, 26 June 2013

How we combat the haze!

Ah, now that the haze is clearing up (for good i hope), I am slowly feeling my life coming back to normal. That also means, I am drawn back to blogging once again.
So how did we manage during the hazy school holidays?
Well, typically, my kids & I are normally happy to stay home. I guess, I am fortunate because my kids can stay home 24 hours all week and not go crazy bouncing off walls and what nots. They can pretty much entertain themselves at home. However, because of the haze, I refused (read: it was just me. My kids were ok) to stay home.
I felt my lungs were going to burst if I trap myself in a stuffy home all day. That was it!! I decided we HAD to get out of the house. But with the haze, we couldn't do anything outdoor so the next better thing to do was to hide out at indoor playgrounds. Much to my kids' delight of course!

As i blogged earlier, we checked out Happy Willow- TWICE.

We went to Hokey Pokey at Millenia walk. It was another fantastic place to go! My definition of 'fantastic' is being able to space out while the kids play themselves silly. Here, i could also sit strategically and watch my kids while i ate and drank coffee. AH, life is good.

We went to The City at Liang Court. The kids went bananas like all the other kids. This is an indoor place where the kids get to pretend play; they can pretend to grocery shop, be a doctor, teacher, mail man & play dress up. Unfortunately, doll wanted me to stay by her so i couldn't space out as much as i wanted to. :I
Other than that, we hung out with my sister & her kids at malls & have a cuppa for tea time.
And that's how we tackled the haze- indoors! :)) The kids had loads of fun and I would have to say all thanks to the haze! Otherwise, we would stay home and do nothing for the whole month like we always do!
How did you & your kids do?

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