Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mandarin books

These are some mandarin books i read to babydoll. All of these books are in a series, meaning to say they come in a number of books in each set.
I bought a number of Pelangi Story books for Sonshine when he was younger. My objective then was to get him used to listening to Mandarin since we speak very little Mandarin at home. Similarly, I took these out for doll now that her attention span is longer. She enjoys this book alot all thanks to her animated story teller!

I typically choose books that have one liner on one page. I don't want to test her attention span or bore her, and i prefer that each sentences is further illustrated by a drawing so that the child understands what the words are about.
While i try to avoid books with Hanyu Pinyin, i relented to this one because at that point it was the best i could find.
Pelangi books can be easily found in Popular. They have the same series in English too!
Again, these were bought for Sonshine & now it is put to good use for doll. I recall i read this to SOnshine when he was much older. Doll doesn't seem to like this book as much as the above series though.
I bought this book in Popular book shop but i don't think they sell this anymore.

I wrote about this before. Did i tell you how much i LOVE this series?
It is AH-MAZING! Doll has learnt a number of Mandarin words just by reading the books in this series!

As i shared before, it is designed to be in a flashcard format. First you will see the words.

Then the corresponding picture. I love this format because the child not only learns to read but also understands the meaning attach to each word.

These are my other favourite mandarin books! Doll LOVES them too!

Exactly what i wanted;, short sentence on each page. Babydoll has learnt to speak simple Mandarin sentences just by reading this book! She loves to say '这是妹妹'- pointing to herself. :D
There are a number of books (cannot recall maybe 10 or 12) in one pack. I bought mine from a shopping cart at Changi Airport. I am not sure if it is still there though. Unfortunately, i have not seen these books in Popular book shop (which is about the only bookshop i can go).
These are pretty much our weekly reads amongst others.

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