Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bible Study

Lately, i have been doing some reflection on how Sonshine is growing up to be. One of the things i would like to see him grow stronger in is his Self confidence.
I remember i was rather a timid, unsure & low confidence little girl. I struggled with this throughout my teens and till young adulthood. The only way i got out of it was through the Word of God and only the Word of God.
Hence, i decided to embark on a journey to pump into Sonshine the word of God.
Once i made that decision, I dashed out of my house and immediately bought him a bible.
His very first bible! :)
We own toddler bibles & bible story books but i noticed that not all parts of the bible are written in those books. Some of the important verses are left out and understandably so. I got him the bible because i want him to get exposed to those awesome verses. Somehow, it feels very different reading the bible and those bible story books. The bible brings out the glory of our Lord like no other book does.

However, i still use the bible story book hand in hand with the bible. We first read the story- this week it is on The earth creation. And i extract out a verse (Genesis 1:27) from the bible for Sonshine to read. I explain to him the meaning. This week, we learnt that we are made in the image of God. I reminded him throughout the week about this verse by asking him daily - who do we look like?
I am not very good at bible teaching so i rely on this site as a guide or use it like a curriculum if you may. :) I love this site because it highlights the verses that are suitable for the kids and gives me the direction as to where i should go and what i should say to Sonshine.
And like a true tiger mom, i just had to make a home learning out of it! I got him to do copywork! First to help him remember this verse and to practise his writing! HA!

As part of our bible study, i bought and will be buying more, Christian DVDs for us to watch. We have watched one show and i simply LOVE the story plot. I think some adults should really watch this too! :D

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I was very much like you, and could not agree more that I also got out of it was through the Word of God and through knowing God, when I was a teenager. What a timely reminder. I have been thinking about how I could build the self-esteem of my nephew. And you have just answered my question, like a breeze of fresh air. I will start working on it and thank you for the tips that you have provided.