Friday, 16 August 2013

Word recognition activities

This week, we focus on literacy activities.
When teaching my kids to read, I am very mindful that they may forget the words. Hence, I make sure they see and read the words as often as possible. Perhaps when reading aloud to them, I would stop at the words they know and have them read to me instead. Or I would follow up with activities to make sure they remember the words AND understand it meanings. I'll repeat and repeat and repeat until it is deeply rooted in their brains-no less! Some of the stuff I like to work with Babydoll as follows:
Word jig saw puzzles on 3-letter words.

Forgot to take a photo of the end product. Essentially, each puzzle is split into 3 parts with a letter one each piece. After piecing them up, the child will see a picture and the corresponding word. To make it challenging, I mixed a couple of puzzles for her and she has to find the matching pieces. She can do this rather independently and would say out after piecing each puzzle, like 'dog! box!' etc.

Another word puzzles- but matching a whole word to a picture. I mentioned before she can recognise these words and can also complete this without my help.

Matching animal toys to word cards. These are the new words she is learning at this moment.

Matching fruit cards to words.

Whipped this out for revision! I am so glad that she remembers all her words. I'm relieved that both Sonshine and Babydoll rarely forgets the words they learnt- perhaps my over-doing repetitions (until they get bored) helps? Hee.

I made her match the colored Duplos to the mandarin cards. I also up the challenge by making her match the English word cards to the Mandarin ones. She completed it with ease, no help from mummy. Yay!  

Sometimes, I just take out the cards and make her read aloud to me. Thanks to the above book, Babydoll can instantly recognise these Mandarin words & translate them in English for me- even without picture aids. Whoohoo!

Revising number sequence on my DIY number board. I can let her do this on her own we need to work on beyond 10!

Unconsciously, I made '6' and '9' too similar. But that's also how she realised on her own that when she turns '6' upside down, it becomes '9'- she told me herself! Ah, unplan lessons & self taught, I love that!


  1. Wow! I feel like i havent done anything in the word recognition department! I hv been focusing on alphabets n oral only! Urgh stress hahaha.. my gal isnt keen on puzzles though. I did try doing "parts of the body" with her but she simply walks away.urgh

  2. Babe! Don't worry, she'll Learn in due course. More importantly, follow her pace of learning. Letter sounds Is a good start- Don't rush her to read unless she's ready. Meanwhile just point out words/numbers whenever you come across them just to raise her print awareness. Most of all, just enjoy!! :)