Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Three Trees

I rarely blog about books that I read to my kids but this one, this one takes my heart away and I just have to share it. It's a Christian folktale by the way.
It is about 3 trees, each with different aspiration. The first, wanted to be made into a chest so that it can hold the treasures of this world. The second, wanted to be carved into a boat so that it can carry the mightiest king of all into sea battles. The third, just wanted to stay still and point it's branches up to heaven.

Woodcutters came and carved them. At first, it seem that their dreams were dashed. The first was made into a lowly trough, to be filled with hay. The second was made into a fisher boat, carrying only poor fishermen. The third, was chopped and stashed away, forgotten.
Then one day, a man & a woman stayed in the inn where the first tree -made into a trough was. They laid their baby in it's lowly trough but it was then the first tree realised that it's dream was fulfilled- for it was carrying the most treasured treasure of the world- baby Jesus.
Years later, Jesus sat on a boat and calm the stormy waves. Yes, that boat carrying Jesus was made of the second tree- and there it also realised it's dream has been fulfilled for he was carrying the greatest King that the world will ever know.
The third tree was roughly made into the cross where Jesus was nailed. The tree had it's dream fulfilled too for it is standing still, gloriously pointing itself up to heaven.
Many a times, in our lives we feel that we have lost our purpose and dreams. We get dismayed and lose hope. But what we don't see is that the bumps in our lives are actually moulding, grooming us into what we were made and called for.
What a beautiful story and a awesome reminder! I have my own sets of challenges, but I have good hope in Jesus, that one day I will look back and be awed by how these challenges were used to transform me into the woman, wife & mother that God has called me to be. Amen!

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