Tuesday 6 August 2013

Babydoll's working on....

Activities for Babydoll this week:
Transferring water with sponge

Squeezing...working out all her hand & finger muscles.

Sorting shape & color buttons.

Matching & counting.

She used Montessori counters and match them to the cards- this helps her to count in correspondence to the red dots on the cards. Otherwise, she would be counting till 10 when there's only 3 dots on the cards or she would be pointing either missing a dot or double count.  

Another practical and fine motor skill training cum sorting activity,

Inspired by Playhood! The wooden cylinders can be found at Daiso. Here, doll stacks the cylinders according to numbers. Each time she places one on top, she counts from the bottom to determine the next number.

Then, she created her own activity and decided to 'tong' the cylinders.


I bought these puzzles from Toysrus. Instead of facing the flashcards, I used these to inject more fun in her learning. Actually, this is just revision. I only took out those words she can read- just so she can keep seeing these words while learning new ones. I use this activity more for revision (wow that word sounds so odd to use on a 2 year old!).

A better look of the puzzles.

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