Friday, 2 August 2013

Draw & Write

I have been neglecting the drawing lessons. I really didn't think it was that important, okay more like I was being lazy. Also, Sonshine is NOT good at drawing, even though he's following instructions. SiGh. It is not pleasant teaching him to draw.
Anyhow, during the past weeks, he is asked to draw animals after animals for his Mandarin, YAH (?!), Mandarin homework! Obviously, he's clueless and I've to invite Mr Youtube to come play at our house. It has been quite tramautising (for me)  getting Sonshine to follow step by step drawings accurately.
So the husband has been nagging at me to drop Math & focus on teaching our son how to draw properly. That's why I made him do this today:
Draw & Write. I wrote about this before. The child follows step by step instructions & after which write about what he's drawn.

No guessing which was drawn by me and which him. The circle thing with a stick hanging below it, is apparently a balloon (Doll says its lollipop), compliments from Sonshine of course.

Then, he composed his sentence. First, we break down the 4 Ws and then string the sentence. He didn't write this down but we talked about what adjectives he could use to describe the elephant- he used 'horrid' (all thanks to his favourite book now, 'Horrid Henry').

The end product was: The elephant is pushing another elephant today because it is stuck. Okay, I know it can be better but..

Actually, I failed to share the other time that for each drawing lesson, there are 3 sections. First, you draw the elephant, then you fill up the blanks in the cloze passage.

The second part is what Sonshine did today. The third part, as with the previous section, you draw the elephant- this time without the step by step instruction.

Then you composed a short story according to the instructions.
I bought this book from Kinokuniya or was it Open trolley? I cannot remember. But I ordered in online so I am not sure if this book can be found on their physical shelf. Do call to check before heading down.

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  1. haha an A plus for creativity in his sentence construction!