Friday, 30 August 2013

RedMart- a smarter way to shop

Grocery shopping used to be enjoyable until the kids came along and marred the experience for me. Any parents can relate to that. Grocery shopping with kids has somewhat become a military operation; it is like a battle with the motto 'take, go and get out!'. There's simply no luxury of time to study & compare the products, you just have to take and go before one of the kids act up.
Here's some of the inconvenience we face:
I cannot cope alone with 2 kids hence, I have to wait for my husband to be home for our grocery shopping. This means, we can only afford to do grocery during the weekends, which in turn means...
...every other person in Singapore is there too. Everyone is pushing a trolley and I find myself stopping every now & then either because I am blocked by a trolley or I am blocking someone else. Super frustrating- especially when I am racing against time!
It also means we have to spend some time waiting at the check out counters. With restless kids in tow, this can be quite a pain.
One of the things I detest MOST about physical grocery shopping- lugging heavy bags and bags and bags of grocery back home. We live in a high rise apartment which means we have to carry the stuff up a short flight of stairs, walk some distance to the lift lobby, and endure the pain on our arms as we wait for the lift before finally reaching home. I feel really awful because my husband carries most of the stuff as I need to mind the little one while the older one can only carry one or two bags himself.
Then a little Red bird introduced me to a better & smarter way to do this- right in the comfort of my own home through RedMart!
RedMart literally allows me to shop while my kids are sleeping! And there's NO crowd, no queue, no battles - BEST!!
While shopping at RedMart, I took my time to browse through the products over a cup of hot coffee. There is no time limit, no fidgety, restless kids to entertain! I am no longer dependent on the husband nor do I need to lug my entire kampong (malay word for village) down to the supermarket.
Moreover, what usually takes about 50-60 minutes (including travelling) of grocery shopping is drastically reduced to mere minutes with RedMart! With the time saved, I can get Sonshine to do more assesment work! JUST KIDDING!
RedMart even remembers what you bought earlier so that on the next visit you can zoom straight into 'My List' and click on the items you want to buy again. There's no need to re-navigate the entire web page on your next visit for that same items. Another time saver! 
I shopped online from my laptop but you can easily shop for your grocery while waiting for the bus/train to arrive, to pick your kids up or even in the loo! All you need is an iphone and download the app on your phone and you can literally shop anywhere, anytime! 
Above ALL, I do not need put my (or rather my husband's) arm muscles to test! This is made possible because RedMart delivers my order right to my door step. There's a promotion now: for purchases above $49, you get FREE delivery (valid till 30 Sep)! Now that's easy to achieve!  
If you have not discovered the luxury of shopping your grocery with RedMart, here's a chance for you to do it now! Homeschool@sg readers get 10% off on your first order. Start shopping at RedMart and simply enter discount code "rm_hsshine"!
#This post was sponsored by RedMart but all opinions are of my own#

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