Tuesday 4 March 2014

A bit of craft

Sonshine wasn't and still isn't a crafty/arty person. I was a tad disappointed because I love to do arty stuff. Doll, like most toddler, loves crafty activity. However, ironically, now I find no time nor inspiration to do with her. -o-
Still, I try. Here was my wee bit effort to stay afloat with crafts.
I made some bear shape paper sprinklers using my paper puncher. Took out my washi tape and created a heart shape on her drawing board.
She smeared glue all over the page and sprinkled the punch out paper all over it.
The final look!
I gently tore away the washi tape to see a very faint heart shape formation. So, the anal me, just had to draw heart shape lines around it.
The purpose wasn't to get a masterpiece, it was more to entertain her with some sensory play. It was fun while it lasted!

Simple yet entertaining

Last week, I managed to dig out some treasures from our local library. These mandarin books were easy to read and entertaining for my 6 year old.
Sonshine will get bored if the mandarin book is too lengthy so I look for books that are not so wordy and yet have a captivating storyline.
This is an easy to read book and an interesting storyline. However, I think it may be too simple for a 6 year old. Still, it was good enough for Sonshine to stay glued until the end of the story. 

A peek inside- you can see the pages are filled with huge illustrations and short sentences.
One look, I can tell it is a Julia Donaldson book! Like the rest of her books, she didn't fail in entertaining us in this book!
It is a humourous book about a rabbit who doesn't know what animal it is, what it should eat and live. Look out for a twist in the story and a hilarious ending!
This book tickled Sonshine's funny bones. He loved this book! I think it was originally written in Japanese. (I love Japanese children's books!)
It is rather a simple book with short phrases. It's about a boy who couldn't fall asleep and how he tried counting pigs, moms and stuff to make himself sleep.
If you, like me, are looking for simple but interesting mandarin books to prick your kids' love for mandarin then, these books are great reads!