Tuesday 4 March 2014

A bit of craft

Sonshine wasn't and still isn't a crafty/arty person. I was a tad disappointed because I love to do arty stuff. Doll, like most toddler, loves crafty activity. However, ironically, now I find no time nor inspiration to do with her. -o-
Still, I try. Here was my wee bit effort to stay afloat with crafts.
I made some bear shape paper sprinklers using my paper puncher. Took out my washi tape and created a heart shape on her drawing board.
She smeared glue all over the page and sprinkled the punch out paper all over it.
The final look!
I gently tore away the washi tape to see a very faint heart shape formation. So, the anal me, just had to draw heart shape lines around it.
The purpose wasn't to get a masterpiece, it was more to entertain her with some sensory play. It was fun while it lasted!


  1. You can try ask her to use stickers or the washi tape to decorate the paper, then paint all over the paper. Can even use many a rainbow of colours. After it's dry, you'll get the shapes of stickers n washi tapes... :)

    1. Good idea! I plan to do painting with her! Thanks for sharing!