Wednesday 15 January 2014

Yo Ho Ho HO!

Some of us are still in the Christmas mood? Ah well, not exactly. I  am too lazy to reorganise the shelf. Therefore, Doll has been doing the same work everyday.
But here are 2 activities I tweak to keep up with her learning.
I made these reindeer cards to help her practise one to one correspondence up to 15. While she can count items independently up to 10, she gets confused counting anything more than 10- she tends to double count or miss a count. So for this, I hold her hand and guide her as she counts. In the past, she'd confused 15 and 16 because of her pronunciation. But now, I am delighted that she is counting it right!

These cards were used for sight word activity, for her to recognise 'is' and 'the'. I made extra words cards like 'cat' and 'heavy' & lay them in a sentence structure. We read the cards in order aloud. My objective is for her to learn the two words, seems like she is picking up 'is'. Let's work on the 'the' baby!

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