Thursday 2 January 2014

Looking back & forward

2013 was a better year for me than 2012. I wrote earlier that 2012 was a year of waste or rather it was fruitless. Last year was a more fruitful year for me. If I have one word to describe the year, it would be 'blossom'. It was a year of blossoming friendships & kinships. I got re-acquainted with friends & relatives who turn out to be a great support for me. Also, I witnessed my 2 kids blossom in all aspects of their development. It was a pretty good year! More importantly, we lived in peace, health and there was no lack in our house. These 3 points alone are enough for me to declare that it was a fantastic year!
This year is a year of huge change for us! Just because Sonshine is- has actually, entered primary school. This means our usual routine for the past 6 years will be trashed and we will have to settle with a new routine. Today is the first day of school and we are still trying to figure it out. I feel sad because now there's a limit as to what we can do with him each day. Everything has to run on a tight schedule- all because he has to sleep early- because he has to be up early. I feel extra sad that this will be our lives for the next 6 years and counting! :(
Yet on the other hand, because he is in school, it gives me more one to one time with doll. Hence, in 2014, I look forward to spending some quality time with her as I did with Sonshine for his first 4 years.
Academically speaking- since this is a homeschool blog, I didn't do much with Sonshine last year. I didn't think it was necessary for him to advance in his learning so I focused more on practise & gave him alot of worksheets to do. This year, I think we can move on bit by bit. Well that really has to depend what our new routine would be like. But I am hoping we can proceed to learning new topics with Sonshine.
As for doll, I am generally satisfied with her progress. At least she has recognise numbers, learn counting and recognise some words. I think I'll continue doing that and focus more on her learning to read. I hope by end 2014, she can read simple phrases at the very least.
Looking forward to what God has planned for me and my family this year! Here's to another year of healthy, peaceful and abundant year! Bring it on! :)

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