Thursday 16 January 2014

Week 2 report

We are nearing to end of week 2 of the school term, can I have a loud YAHOO everybodeeeeeeeee! So far, it has been smooth sailing for us. Sonshine is taking his new life like a fish in the water, as if nothing has change (can't say the same for his mom).
I am extremely grateful that he
1) has not lost his belongings. Quite surprising, considering that he always loses things AT HOME.
2) wakes up every morning in almost in an instant. We don't have to nag at him to get out of bed. By the second call, he is up and about. He never appear lethargic or reluctant nor show any resentment towards his new lifestyle.
3) eats his breakfast fuss free.  Sonshine is a poor eater. He usually eats extremely slowly & reluctantly.  Hence, it is a blessing that he saved us from all the nagging and scolding in the dark morning by eating his breakfast relatively fast.

4) comes home with no homework. YAY! I know some parents think it is a bad thing because the kids may get a culture shock at upper primary. Personally, I am liking it because it gives me more time to after-school him without having to compete with his homework. *hee hee*
I am also thankful that our daily routine is slowly falling into place. I manage to slip in home learning time with doll  each morning while Sonshine is in school. It is the perfect time for learning since there's no distraction and she's freshly awake. As for Sonshine, we still haven't quite find a fix time slot. Sometimes it would be after his nap, sometimes it would be during Doll's nap- depends when I can find pocket of time. It is pricking me a bit that I can't find a fix time slot in the day. Still this week, it has been very frutiful and I am extremely grateful.

Yet, I am still lamenting our militant schedule. Everything has to be run by the clock. I feel stress if we overrun our time and I am constantly nagging at Sonshine that it is time to move on to the next item on the list, not a minute late. What a way to stifle a child! Oh well, I am over the moon that Friday's here and we will soon be off to the weekend!WHOOPIEE!!

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