Wednesday 29 January 2014

Chinese New Year!

I made some CNY theme activities for doll.
Arranging chinese lantern patterns in numerical order.

Read aloud and match to the correct color chinese fan.

In line with the Chinese horoscope, I made these matching cards for Doll to learn the names of these animals in mandarin. (Why no horse and the rest of animals? 'Cause she learn most of them already).

Counting the number of mandarin oranges and matching the correct word number card. Sometimes I'd make her count in Mandarin and she had to match the correct mandarin word card.

Here's an activity I plan to work on with her. Either I'll put in a random number of gold chocolate coins in the red packet and have her count the number of coins in each packet. Or I'll write a number on each packet and have her slot the corresponding number of chocolate coins into the red packets.

And like a true Montessori style, one could use these chocolate coins as counters! :D
 On another note, I enjoy home teaching my kids. I enjoy researching, resourcing and preparing the learning materials for them. It gives me great joy when my kids acquire a new skill or knowledge through the materials I painstakingly made for them.
I don't necessarily do it because I want my kids to be ahead, believe it or not. I do it because I truly enjoy it. Of course, the result of all the home teaching is a bonus for me. I am really blessed that both my son and daughter enjoy our home learning time. This spurs me on to continue home learning with them. Otherwise, I don't think I'd bother nor last this long. 
But even if you don't home teach, please don't ever think your child is losing out. From my observation, things will even out by kindergarten/primary level. The supposedly not so advance kids will catch up sooner or later (i.e. most kids will eventually learn how to read and count by primary school).
Have home learning only if you and your kids enjoy it or you plan to keep them from formal schools. Otherwise, don't fret too much, I trust that most pre-schools prepare their children well enough for primary. :)
Till the next post, Blessed Chinese New year everyone!


  1. Hi, how do u manage to do homeschooling with your elder one now that he's already in P1? Won't he get tired after school? That leads me to the next question, how long is his homeschooling session with u per day? Thanks :)

  2. Hello! Unfortunately, I'm slowing down on home teaching with him. But if I do, It'll be a short 20mins +/- (I won't do anything longer than 40 mins). Usually, I'll let him play, nap first before home learning with him. But yes, it's very challenging :(

  3. I love the chocolate coins idea. Thanks for sharing. You are so blessed that your kids enjoy home learning time. That's the greatest appreciation a mom can have. Wishing you many fruitful and happy returns in the year of Horse!

    1. Thanks! I'm still trying to get used to your new ID! :P May your year be one that's pregnant with health, joy and wealth!