Wednesday 25 September 2013

Puzzles and numbers!

Recently, I introduced puzzles to doll and she loves it! As I watched her work on the puzzles, an idea sprung up in my mind!
I decided to merge puzzles with learning numbers.
Here's how I did it!
Get a plain puzzle- I got mine from Daiso. I was looking for 20 piece puzzles but unfortunately, Daiso only sells 25 piece set. Oh well...I decided to make do with it.
It comes in two sets (what a steal for TWO bucks!!!) so if you screw up one (like I did), you've got another one for back up! HA! Daiso also has a bigger version of this if you like.

Take a sticker sheet and write down the numbers.
Notice I used all the same colors. I didn't want to differentiate the numbers because I want every thing constant except the numbering. I want Doll to pick the pieces according to the number and not memorise by colors.
However, if you feel you need to spice it up & make it alittle more attractive for your child then you can always vary the sticker colors.

Stick the numbered labels on each of the pieces.
Remove all the pieces, mix them up and have your child fit them back according to the numbers!
{Alternatively, you could simply number your old puzzles. This way, the child gets to see a cute picture as a reward after 'work' is done.}
It is huge hit with doll as I had expected it! She LOVED it, unknown to her I was getting her to revise her numbers. *Evil laughter*
Remember I said I was a little disappointed that I could only get 25 piece puzzle and not 20? Well, it turn out to be a good thing afterall. Because while working on the puzzle she was exposed to numbers from 21-25. Instead of telling her which number is which, I asked her 'Can you guess which one is twenty ONE?' I emphasized the last number loud and clear to help her and true enough she could instantly identify numbers from 21-25! It helps that she already knows 20 and numbers from 1-9, so all she had to do was to put the two together. Yeah, easy road ahead- I HOPE!

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