Monday, 23 September 2013

M is for Maths

I haven't been sharing much about Sonshine. Just because he has been doing assessment books after assessment books. It is too boring to blog about it.
But, today, I'll just be boring.
Instead of teaching him more advance Maths level, I decided to just give him revision and some challenging word problem sums to work on.
This book is filled with problem sums of varying topics and degree of difficulty.

Sometimes I think our Math curriculum is testing the child's English more than anything. Call me slow but at times, I may even have to read the questions twice over before understanding it.
Sonshine has been working on problem sums that require 2 steps equations like the pictured above. He didn't get it instantly; and I had to ask step by step questions like in this case, 'how many does Krishnan have?' before he knows that he needs to subtract 7 from 17.

After some struggles, I would say he's getting a hang of it.

The previous questions have helping guides so that he knows he needs to write down 2 equations. But subsequently, there were none and he had to figure it out. The above  question, he finally was able to crack it on his own.

Each chapter is peppered with challenging questions like the above. I had a hunch that he was able to solve this on his own and he did in a short time!

He is more comfortable with pattern questions like the above than the word problem sums!
The other day he asked me if 15X8 is 120. I asked him how he figured that out. He said he took 150-30. I barked at him for plucking the numbers out of nowhere- I thought he was giving me another equation for getting 120 as an answer. After some promptings I realised he was doing this (15 X 10)-(15 X 2). So embarrassing- I had wrongly scolded him for nothing. :(

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