Wednesday 4 September 2013

Counting & numbers

Learning number sequence is different from counting. But to be able to count, the child needs to learn the former first. Once she learns number sequence, it is time to teach her the true meanings of numbers- learning how to count!
I prepared a few boxes, in each of them are some items. Each box has different number of items in it.
Doll takes one box and throws the item one by one into this wooden bowl. As she throws them, she counts. Once she determines how many items there are in the box, she selects the number tablet & return all the items back to the box.

Here were some of the other stuff she counted. Yay, now at least I know she can count!

I am stuck at teaching her numbers from 11-20. She can number them but stumbles at 13 and 15...arrrrrGgGGGh! All because she pronounces them wrongly. Her 15 sounds like 16 and that makes her think she is at 16 and would go on to 17. Got to admit, I am over-driving this and it is killing her interest. Oops.
Anyway, I made the above activity to help her recognise the numbers. She simply matches the numbered block to the place mat.

I found this idea from this blogger (sorry, I am too lazy to find her direct site- I saved the link on me iphone) and thought this idea is WAY cool! I had to do it! Doll was interested at first until she found out it was numbers from 11-20 AGAIN. :I Yikes. I had to gently ask her to try. Teaching her numbers is such a long drawn affair. I remember Sonshine learnt his numbers in a flash and could count to 50 by 2.5 years old.
Oh doll, can we move on please? *yawn*

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