Friday, 19 April 2013

我会读, WO HUI DU

我会读 is a very popular Chinese book series here in Singapore. The book is designed like a flashcard format, first a word is shown on one page and then on the following page it shows the corresponding picture.
To be honest, before babydoll, i gave little thought to this series. By the time i discovered this series, he already recognised most of the chinese words through our Glenn Domna flashcards. So, i didn't want to waste money on it.
However, with doll, i felt compelled to buy this set for her since she is not taking to Glenn Doman flashcards well. I didn't think much but was hopeful. Still, i was very surprised by the result of reading the books in this series religiously everyday.
So far i have read 3 books to her, the topics covered were Body, animals and fruits. After reading the first book (Body), she could point to me her body parts when i say them in Mandarin. She can even name her body parts herself in mandarin. Although she wasn't recognising the words, i was delighted! Now she understands some mandarin without much effort on my part! Whoohoo!
We moved on to the next topic which i chose to be on animals. I read it and read it and read it until was stiff bored & alittle scared when she ask to read that book. It took her while but she now knows to name some of the animals in mandarin. I like to ask her "what is pig in Chinese?" and she'd pout her tiny mouth to say "ZhUUUUU", how cute! Or sometimes i would ask her '这是什么?' pointing to say a horse and she would say "MAAAAAA".
Just today, i caugher her sitting quietly by herself flipping these books. She flipped to the word page and read 'MAOOO' and then turned to the next page of a cat & repeat 'MAOOOO. CAT!' (just as how i would read it to her). She sat there and read two books to herself! I was tickled!
I don't think she can read yet though, i am pretty sure she has memorised the sequence of each page. Nevertheless, i am already very grateful that she can name some words in mandarin!
So this series comes highly recommended by me! I am sure i am there's many parents who agree with me on this one!


  1. Hi there, nice to "see" you here :) I've only re-discovered this series too. It comes highly recommended by other mums too, and I'm thinking if I should get it for G. I've not been very consistent with the GD cards, perhaps this set would be better :)

  2. If you want, you can try borrowing from the library first to test it on G. But otherwise, I say buy it! At least the first set. I bought the book set (there's also the flashcard set) coz doll seems to prefer to read books versus looking at cards. Yah, its the same but she doesn't know :p.