Friday, 12 April 2013

Homeschool@sg Fun!

This being Sonshine's last year before getting suck into a rigid school routine for the next what, 10 years (?), we have been liberally allowing him to skip school just to play. Yeah, just play. From the begining of this year till todate, he's already skipped thrice! And more to come, LOL!
I don't usually blog about the fun things we do as a family. But i like to pepper the blog with some fun stuff we do, just so you know we are not always about academics.
Skipped school part I, to visit the zoo!

We went to Kuala Lumper for the March holidays. Loads of fun! And i got me pair of chic looking shoes for just $29.90 RM!! (I bought two, just for the record!)

Daddy was returning from his business trip, so Sonshine got to skip school again! Since we were there, we plot them into SingKids! Of course, they went ballistic!

And to celebrate our 7th anniversary, my husband whisked us away for a staycation at Marina Bay Sands. (That meant, sonshine skipped school for the 3rd time!) It was a sweet celebration! And ahem, it was me first time in bikini and i was liking what i see in the mirror! Who says mommies of 2 can't be looking hawt (if i can say so myself!)? :D And erm, no pictures!
This was over the last weekend which explains why this week, i've been sluggish and haven't prepared anything for doll to work on. Hee hee!

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