Monday, 15 April 2013

Some ABCS, 123s and colors!

Here's what are on our shelf for Babydoll:
Practical Life activity; scooping & transferring rice. (Picture of rice not included because I don't leave the rice in the bowl when shelved, i only take it out during actual work).
Matching animal figurines to picture cards.

A closer look of the cards i made.

Matching cut out numerals to sandpaper numbers.

Matching cut out letters to cards. Here she is revising the sounds of each letter. I deliberately kept the letters in a zip lock bag. She loves to open the bag, dig her tiny hands in and draw the items out of the bag.
She has typically learnt all the letter sounds. I don't think i can move forward yet because she hasn't given me te green light. While waiting, i am just letting her revise, take the chance to drill it deep into her brain!

More matching, this time, matching colored items to color cards. This week she is learning the colors, Black, white, orange and purple. 

This is still on our shelf. She LOVES this activity. I have up the cards and added 5,6 and 7 (because she keeps asking for 'more!').

I bought this so cheaply during my trip to Malaysia. She loves to poke each numbers out of the board and fit them back. As she works on this puzzle, i took the chance to name the numbers to help her recognise the numbers. So far, she already knows from numbers from 1-5, whoohooo!
I love that Babydoll is always asking for 'more! more!' during our activity time. It tells me she enjoys them and looks forward to our time together. :)
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  1. Good ideas. I love to see what you are doing with babydoll, so I can be reminded of the activities I can do with my daughter.

  2. I love to share and receive ideas from fellow bloggers too! :))