Thursday, 18 April 2013

Montessori- Stamp game (Substraction) Part 2

Here's solving another type of subtraction sum.
Let's work on this sum.

First lay 4 ten stamps and 5 one stamps accordingly on the mat.
We need to take 8 ones away.
Looking at the One column on the green mat, we can see that we have insufficient one stamps to subtract from.

This is where we 'borrow' 1 ten stamp from the tens column and shift it over to the ones column.

1 ten stamp is equivalent to 10 one stamps (this is a pre requisite knowledge the child must posses before doing this activity). Exchange the blue stamp for 10 green stamps & remove the blue stamp away from the mat.

Now you have a total of 15 one stamps.
On paper, it should now look like this.
Point out to the child that now only 3 ten stamps are left on the mat.

So now, we have enough one stamps to remove 8 green stamps.

We are required to substract 2 tens away, remove 2 blue stamps accordingly.

Finally, you get your answer.


  1. wow... this is a very thorough explanation. I was wondering what are those stamp games for... Very visual way to learn. is sonshine still using these or just for variety in his work?

  2. Yah man! It was very tedious taking the photos and editing! I used this to teach sonshine the concept of 'borrowing' from tens. I found this very visual and helps him understand the concept easily (rather than giving him boring lectures). After he understood it. We ditched the material and he worked straight on the papers without these visuals. I normally take it out for fun or if I find he gets rusty.