Friday, 19 April 2013


When sonshine was 2.5 years old, i taught him about country flags. He loved it so much that every night he made us 'play' the country flags card game with him till i was so sick of it that i had to hide it away from him.
From there, it sparked his interest in World Atlas. I bought him his first Atlas book-Young Learner's Atlas (see photo above) and he read it everyday like it was the bible.
As he grew older, I taught him about continents, pointed to him the different countries and it's capital cities as we read the book etc. He was hooked. So, i would occasionally get him books on world flags and my mother couldn't resist adding on to our collection either.

But now that he is 6 years old, those books were too easy for him (also because he has already combed through the books from front to back). So my husband (who was also an Atlas fanatic when he was a kid) decided to get him a more detailed book. I was hesitant because i thought it was TOO detailed. But we bought it anyway.
I was taken aback how Sonshine dove right into the book. Again, he treated this like his bible. He reads this book religiously, morning, noon and night. I don't know what he reads about really, i have never sat down and read together with him.
Until one day, i was bored and asked him to tell me about Africa, and immediately he told me in excitement that there are 54 countries in Africa and the smallest country in this continent was erm..was sorry i can't remember but i checked- he was correct. So, i asked him where this country was and instantly he flipped to the map and without hesitation pointed to me it's precise location. I didn't even know that country existed nor where it is exactly on the map (i can hear my husband going 'tsk tsk tsk' at me). He even knows what's the biggest country in Africa, which has the highest population etc. Not to be outwitted by him, i randomly asked him about other continents and he readily tells me in a flash, pointing to all of the countries i never heard of.
And, even if i randomly pluck a country out and quiz him, he is able to tell me which continent it belongs to, yes even if it's an African country.
I suspect and won't be surprised, he already knows all the African country flags.
Once, even my sister had to enlist his help in identifying an unknown African flag for my niece's homework.
I think he has long surpassed me in his Geography. How embarrassing is that.


  1. Try Sporcle. It'll get you up to speed in no time. (I need a refresher too!)

  2. Aiyo so fun!! Thanks for sharing! I played halfway & had to ask my for some help! My hub pek cek with me and took over to finish the game! Sonshine likes it too! Thanks!!