Thursday, 4 April 2013

The ABCs ,123s and more- Week #2

Here's what we did this week with Babydoll:
Besides tracing the number, i used these boards to play a game with doll. I lay these cards onto the floor and instruct her to stand on '2!' or '3!' or '1!'. It's a game to her but it's a fun way for me to know whether she's knows her numbers or not!

Sorting wooden blocks by color. Her favourite.

Sorting the bears from the smallest to the biggest.

She loves this too. It is my way of exposing her to counting. I am not expecting her to count yet, this is just to start her off and at the same time help her to recognise the numbers.

I made the silhouette cards using tracing paper and black cards for sonshine when he was a toddler. I still remember that it was extremely tedious to make. Tracing paper is a fragile paper so cutting out the animal shape was no easy task! Wow! The things i do for my son! Anyway, these cards were meant for the kids to match the  animals cards to its corresponding silhouettes.
I also made these sandpaper letters for sonshine to learn writing. Another tedious DIY project of mine! Tracing & cutting the sand paper was challenging! But i just LOVE the end product and proud that i made it. :)
I have taken them out for babydoll. She's tracing the letters as we say out the sounds.
I am pleased that babydoll has learnt her letter sounds! Well, short for 2-3 letters but she gets most of them! However, i am not proud to say she learnt all of them from the media (Leapfrog Letter Factory). Oh still, she learnt them all in a flash- i do not need to go through letter by letter, saves me lots of time!
So now, i am just going through the letter sounds over and over again. I think she knows the name of the alphabets too...i am not sure but that's not important now. I used my DIY sandpaper letters and Melissa Doug letters and have her sort them. As she sort them, we say each of the letter sounds.
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  1. I wrote an email to you, did you receive it? Just some questions about montessori materials.

  2. Oh no leh! I'll check again yah! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. I just sent another email. Perhaps the previous one got lost in space. :)

  3. thanks for linking up babe. So sorry this came so late. It's overwhelming to be making materials and be teaching the lil one. I'm so proud of u n each time i'm a little lazy, i'll just hope over your space n get motivated =)