Monday, 15 April 2013

Rotten day

Today, i have been a lousy mother. A bad, rotten one.
I was unforgiving, hurtful and ungracious towards my 6 year old. All because, he couldn't do a work that i deemed easy.
Yes, i was being one of those tiger moms.
He sobbed, cried and said he told me he was sad (i think what he really meant was hurt) by me.
It is really easy to read my blog, or any other mummy blogs for that matter, and feel that life is all so perfect in our lives. It is not difficult to read and leave with the impression that we are moms who have it under control 100%. Truth is, we are all the same. We are all struggling to be that ideal moms but always failing & taking guilt trips.
So, don't for one moment think that I am a Supermom. Today, is one of those days that shows that I am far, far, far from it.
Soon after that episode, i called him over to my lap and told him I had no right to say those things to him. I told him i was sorry.
I deeply appreciate that he's very forgiving (and even forgetful) and recovers as quickly as 10 minutes. Right after I made peace with him, he was instantly back to himself, leaving no trace of remembrance of what just happened. He never bore grudge with me, never held any anger towards me, never resent me, never threw a dirty look at me, neither complained to his father nor gave a slightest hint of the earlier episode. He simply smiled at me, said he forgave me and moved on.
Sonshine, you are truly the sweetest little angel a mummy can ever have. Always smiling, forgiving and happy, never throwing a tantrum or anger at us. Mummy is really sorry and have much to learn from you.


  1. Isn't it amazing how forgiving kids can get? That, is something we all need to learn. I feel exactly the same way as you sometimes, thanks for pouring your heart out! =)

  2. Actually, I think we were never made to be supermoms, the ads and tv shows that perpetuate that idea are all unrealistic. I think we are humans so we will definitely fail and trip up, so that we learn to see our own weaknesses, and learn from our mistakes. I know the guilt that we tend to pile on ourselves, and can only encourage you by saying that you can always try again tomorrow. You're a wonderful mum, I'm sure your son will say that to you / anybody else anytime. :)

  3. I can do the first bit easily--get mad!

    The second part, apologising, that's getting harder as Layla grows older. Unfortunately it's also more important, I reckon.

    So I think you did good eventually. :) Oh, and it's only now that I know who you are on SMB, hehe!!! Nice to erm... meet you there too!