Saturday, 9 March 2013

Week # 9- Sonshine

If you can't tell by now, i am working on a routine with sonshine. Monday to Wednesday, he would work on English or Maths (i'll alternate every week) and every Thursday to Friday, he would work on Mandarin.
This week, it is Math and mandarin.
Math: we continued with Kumon grade 3 Word problems. He did multiplication word problems. This time, he did it with ease, correctly selecting the multiplicand and multiplier.
I also bought him Kumon book Addition and subtraction. I used to laugh at people who bought this book. Because i think it's a total waste of money. Why need to buy when you can come up with the questions yourself? But yes, i went to buy it & now i know the answer. Because we are too lazy to set the questions ourselves!
I wanted sonshine to do, because i want him to get as much practice as possible. He actually was able to them with ease.
For mandarin, we did our usual SWKD. And worked on a page in one of the Primary 1 assessment book we own. In it, he had to select the correct words that fit into the sentence.

We continued to work on Europe map. By now, he's able to complete the puzzle 70% on his own. I love this, because he naturally remembered the location of each country. He also studied the county outline of Portugal, Spain and one more that i forgot. :P


  1. Hi! May I know where you got this map from and is it expensive? Also the pink tower? Thanks for your input :)

  2. Hello

    The map I got was from a toy shop at IMM at 2nd level (near to the arcade). I bought a long time ago though so I'm not very sure if it's still being sold. The pink tower is part of a montessori kit. You can buy from Right to learn (google the name). Hope this helps! :)