Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Montessori- Sandpaper Numbers

"To introduce the symbols.." David Gettaman
You need:
Ten boards; on each board is the symbol of numeric 0-9 cut out from smooth sandpaper
Show the child to feel the numbers with fingers of the dominant hand. Trace the numbers the way you would write the numbers.
As you trace the number, name it and have the child repeat after you.
You can easily DIY this material but it is rather time consuming. You need to get sturdy card boards and sandpaper. Trace the numbers on the sandpaper, cut them out and paste it over the cardboard. (Sandpaper isn't very easy to cut though).
I didn't do this with Sonshine because by the time i own this set, he already knew his numbers. Still, i think it is a great way to introduce numbers and it lays the foundation on writing numbers. As the child traces the numbers, she not only learns the name of the symbols but also unknowingly learns to write each number.
I have began this with Babydoll. She can now recognise 2, 8 and sometimes 6 & 3, though not through Sandpaper numbers! LOL!  She learnt her numbers typically through everyday learning and seeing them in books and in the environment. Still, i use Sandpaper Numbers to reinforce what she knows and to introduce new numbers to her.

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