Saturday, 2 March 2013

This and that

Last 2 weeks, Sonshine worked on Math, English and mandarin.

I have started Kumon grade 3 book with sonshine. He worked on multiplication problem sums. I was particular about him getting the multiplicant and multiplier right. It was down right confusing for both of us but i had to insist that he gets it right because this is what the schools are expecting.

My attempt to help him understand which is the multiplicant and which is the multiplier. I drew pictures and group them. I taught him that say 3 groups of 2 meant that we have to multiply 3 by 2 i.e 3X2 not 2X3 (yes, i know, both give the same answer). The page was eventually scribbled by doll, who else?

I love this Grammar assesment book. I think it really test the child's grammar. The questions are in multiple choice format which works very well for sonshine since he hates to write. And the questions are not straight-forward, requires some thinking and full understanding of the grammatical rules. The questions work as a check for me to see how well he understood the grammatical rules.

We completed 2 more chapters of SWKD. I must say he is doing very well. I appreciate that it does not take him long to remember and recognise new words. Phew. I dread it when it comes to doll cause i suspect she is not quite like her brother in this department. -__-

He learn to write two new words, one of which conincidently was a new word he learnt from SWKD book. Works well for me since it helps to reinforce his learning.
I wanted to inject more fun stuff  in our home learning. So i am re-introducing continent work to him, something he is interested in. I am hoping as he work more on this puzzle, it will edge in his mind the locations of the countries in the continent.
I also made cards on European countries. On each card is a shape of a country on the continent. So far, he has learnt to recognise Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden just by looking at their country outline. We also revised the capitals of these countries which he has forgotten.


  1. hi, I read your previous post and this post. I was wondering, since your boy needs to be in a more or less stress free environment to thrive academically, you have tried hard to get him prepared ahead, but I notice he is way ahead of his peers in most subjects. Wont this make him feel bored when he goes to primary school? will this backfire? (just my thoughts. I have been battling with this issue myself - with my own kid)

  2. Ya I do think that's what most parents are concern about- boredom. I'm not saying we should OVER prepare our kids, just make sure they have the Pre requisite skills like reading, counting etc so that they can move on to further challenges in primary school.

    I am not sure about other kids but for sonshine he doesn't get bored in class. His current school is still teaching them the basics (very slow) but he hasn't complain that he's bored neither has the teacher told me he is bored or disruptive. It's his personality, he still would sit still and listen in class. Moreover, I don't cover everything at home. For instance his school now is teaching them about birds (thematic learning) and he's been learning new stuff since I've not touch on that. As for primary school, while
    I do try to follow the curriculum but I don't cover everything. There are some new things to learn, yes even for math. Because I don't teach using their methodology (like using number bonds for adding), there are still new things for him to learn. But I do acknowledge that some kids would be extremely bored if they are over prepared, especially for those kids who constantly need stimulation. Like my niece. I'm fortunate sonshine is not like that, lol! For him, the easier things are the better!