Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Week # 1 (Term 2)

Last week was school holidays and like any typical Singaporean family, we packed our bags and scoot off! So we didn't do any learning for the entire week obviously. We came back only on Sunday which also meant i was too exhausted to plan anything.

So Sonshine is let off for this week as well.
For Babydoll, i still have some materials (prepared earlier) that i could whip out anytime.
Classified pictures. Inspired by Monkey toes Montessori
Aim of these cards is to help the child get a sense of her environment.
Babydoll of course knows most of the household names, but i made them anyway just for fun. I also added a few other items that she doesn't know like 'water dispenser', 'ladder' etc.
I made it into a game where i would hold up a card and ask her 'where is the sofa?' And she would run to the sofa and point. She loves this hunting game and always play it with a huge grin on her face.
I photocopied some picture cards, laminated them and cut each picture into half.
It is a matching game where doll had to match the other half.

And this was something i made in a spur. Babydoll had to match the correct number of counters on each card. As she places them, i count along and with great enthusiasm I call out the number.

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