Saturday, 2 March 2013

Dolly good time

These were some of the stuff doll and i did these 2 weeks.

Matching puzzles

She loves my DIY button snake and can thread the button through very well.
I put this DIY zipper frame on the shelf for the last 2 weeks & she just had no interest. She rather practice opening and closing the zipper on my bag.

I taught her the concept of big and small. Using similar items but of different sizes. At first, i didn't think she understood it. Until one day, she took a small pink tower block and said to me 'mall' as in 'small'. But she hasn't said anything about 'big' though!

I decided it was time to let her try the Pink tower. I won't say she was very interested in it but we're getting there. At first, she would just stack them up randomly and try to push them down. But now, she is begining to stack them up according to its size.

This is how she does it. First, she would randomly pick a block and put it on the largest block (usually i lay the largest block down for her first). Then she would randomly pick another block. But if she realises the third block is bigger than the second block, she would bump of the second and stack on the third. And she does this over again for the subsequent blocks. Once she was able to stack the first 5-6 blocks correctly until she decided it was time to keep it away. -_- Oh well.

Another toy to help her exercise her visual discrimination skills. I would lay all the disc on the floor and ask her to pick the 'big' one. She seem to understood and was able to select the correct ones except for one disc.

Another variation of stacking ring. This was easier for her because there's a 'control of error'. Okay, i really don't know how to further explain this. I shall stop here. FULL.STOP.

She was able to stack the IKEA stacking cups in accurately according to their sizes, whoohooo! She did this by trial and error. When the cup doesn't fit, she would take them out and try another cup and so on.
Matching word to pictures. I am not expecting doll to get it right but my aim is to expose to word recognition and naming the animals. Right now she is able to name the animals but not the words. That's okay.
Matching the latter half of the alphabet. As usual, i would say the sound of each letter as she match them. I was delighted when she uttered the sound of 'm' while doing this! :)

We did some painting. Splashed a bit of pain and smear a toy car over it. I let her run the car over a piece of paper to make painted toy car tracks.

Matching shape puzzles

Tea party with my babydoll

Inspired by 'How we Montessori', i decided to make a self help station for the kids. I used a mini water dispenser, placed a towel (for the kids to wipe any spillage) and cups (not in the picture). The kids were excited and kept helping themselves with cups and cups of water. I never seen them drink so much water before! LOL!

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