Friday, 15 March 2013

Week #10 for Sonshine

This is English/Mandarin week for sonshine. 
Other then the SKWD (now at the 25th lesson), he worked on a few pages from the following book.
I bought this book from Popular bookshop sometime back, like last year. I didn't quite start him earlier because i realised the standard was bit too high for him. I almost gave it away when recently, i discovered he's vocabulary has grown more- good enough for him to start this book.
There are several sections to this book- i am going to share a few.
Look at the picture and write. I didn't make him write because some of the words he hadn't learn. (I tell you, as we progress into higher level of Mandarin it gets really tough- especially with the writing). So i made him tell me the appropriate words for each picture. I was very pleased that he had little problem.
This is akin to cloze passage. Read the sentence and select the correct words.
Complete the sentence. Sonshine needed some guidance for the last two questions.
Choosing the write word. If you notice, the multiple choice answers given are very close to each other. One must be able to read, recognise and understand the meanings to do this.
Of course, Hanyu Pinyin.
I used to dislike this book because i thought it was too tough. Now i love it! I feel that this book really test the child's understanding and usage of mandarin. It is one thing to recognise the words, it is another thing to understand what is being read & knowing how to apply them. Though Sonshine didn't get everything right but i am happy enough that he was able to get most correct without my help. It reaffirms to me that he can read AND understand!
He also did one section from this book.
Another practice on the Effective Grammar book.
I have also embarked him on Writing with ease curriculum. This week he did 2 copywork and 2 comprehension passages. In the latter, i read out a short passage provided in the book and i asked questions set by the author. He was expected to answer in full sentences. This, as the author claim (i say 'claim' because i am not sure yet) that this lay the foundation in writing proper sentences.
WOW, it looked like he did alot didn't he? Well, truth is, we only spend 10-15 minutes max a day. I do not want to overwhelm him, so i usually give him 2-3 pages each day. I am careful with what i choose, making sure it is not too hard (because i don't want to discourage him) and not too easy for him.

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