Friday, 15 March 2013

Week #10 with doll

I didn't plan much for doll this week. Too exhausted. That is why household knick knacks come in handy for time such as this! No planning needed, just need to hunt around the house for activities to do!

Sorting buttons. I kept all those Gerber bottles because i knew they would come in handy one day! Doll sort them by color and as she picked each button, i say out the color. That's how she learnt 'pink and white' (she already knows green). Yay!
Next, she did some pouring at her own will.

More pouring, scooping and merry mess making!

We did some dot to do art. LOVE it! I love the size of each paint- very nice to hold especially for small hands. I love that the paint dries up easily. I love the effect of the dots! Pretty!

When left alone, doll would take out the Duplo box and play with it. Most days i just leave her be but today i sat down with her. That was how i accidentally found out she knows her colors. As she took out each piece, she named their colors. Whoohoo!

Containers lid matching. Doll enjoyed this, i enjoyed watching her enjoying it. :)
I have also been letting her watch Letter factory. Very pleased that she has picked out some of the letter sounds from this show. However, my only grouse is that they use capital letters and not small letters. :(

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