Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My favorites reads are these

Here are some of my top Montessori/teaching blog reads, in no particular order:
This mama's kid is just about the same age as babydoll. So whatever she is doing with her kid gives me ideas on what i can do with mine.
First, of all, MAAAAN, i love her house! It looks so bright, clean and spacious! I love to pop over her blog because i think she is the real deal. As in, she truly creates a Montessori environment for her kids and is very successful doing so. I wish i could do the same as her but it would be very costly and impractical especially living here in Singapore. So i pop over to her blog from time to time to sort of live my dreams- virtually.
This blog has full of home teaching ideas. I just love it, period.
This is one of me favourite because her ideas are almost always cost efficient. She uses cheap household items and still acheive the teaching objective perfectly. There's no need to splurge, just a little creative will do!
This is another real deal Montessori mama. But her montessori ways are more academic sense. She homeschools her boys using Montessori curriculum. She follows through the entire curriculum and she has like all the materials needed. *DROOL* Again, i pop over her blog to live my other dream. *SWOON*
And these are my must have Montessori book reads
Warning: this is a very dry read. You either need to have some understanding of Montessori or you have to watch some Montessori YouTube to understand the description. But it is a very detailed book on how to teach  using the Montessori method.
This was the very first Montessori book i read which i stumbled upon at the library. It inspired me to read more about the Montessori method and left me totally in awe of Montessori. But it is very basic and i would recommend to parents with young children say 1 year to 2 years old. I like this book because you don't need Montessori materials to do the activities. All you need to do is look around your house for the materials.
To be honest, i didn't follow this book to teach sonshine read & write. But i believe in the methodology and it gives detailed, step by step on how to do it, right from scratch. I am hoping to use this on doll who's learning curve is waaaaaaaaaaaay different from her brother. sigh.


  1. Thanks for compiling these links! Now that I have Kid #2, I might start thinking about Montessori all over again!

    Didn't follow it closely, but I really liked this blog when my girl Layla was little:

  2. For a moment I thought you were having another baby! Ah yes sew liberated, very pweety! Thanks for the reminder!