Sunday, 3 March 2013

Some admin stuff

First, i apologise for the grammatical errors that is evident all over my blog. But i typically write each post with a toddler pestering me by my side and a pre-schooler yelling 'MOM! MOM!'.So when i am writing, my mind is split in a million ways. Okay, the real reason is probably because my English is poor. :P Although whenever i read back and read my errors i cringe but i am too lazy to switch to the puter & correct the errors.
Secondly, emails. I have receive emails and responded to all of them. But i think it is strange that i get zero response back. It is not the no-response i am concern about, i am more worried that my emails didn't get through- and that would make me look like some unfriendly, stuck up mother. So, just in case you are still waiting for me to write back or are harbouring some bad thoughts about me, please know i have replied to your emails. If you haven't received them, please feel free to drop me another note.


  1. I hope I didn't missed your emails to me.... I seldom check my mails, unless I am expecting any.. :)

  2. Hi, forget about the typo. It's amazing enough that you can still churn out blog posts with a toddler and a preschooler fighting for your attention! The only time I can type coherently is when the kids are all asleep... like right now.


  3. Lydia: hahaha I would surely 'nudge' you if you did miss my email :)

    Ing: thanks! How come I can't comment on your blog anymore?