Sunday, 27 January 2013

Play for doll

I have finally sort out my shelf and displayed a few activities for babydoll.
Opening boxes. I put in some toys in each of the box as a little surprise for her. She loves this activity and would voluntarily go to the shelf and pull out this activity.

Matching puzzles.

Learning about colors, brown and green. I put a few corresponding colored puzzles in the bag. She had to dig her hands into the bag and match the puzzle to the colored cards.

 My very first attempt to expose the little one to letters. She had to match the letters. I have been in two minds to teach alphabet first or phonics first. I read many times over that the better way is to teach the child the sound of each letter first than its name. But, i guess i am too used to the old way and unsure if this is truly the better way.
Still, i used this activity for her to match the letters. As she matched, i sounded the letters for her instead of naming them. At the same time, i sing the alphabet song to her and read ABC books to her.  


  1. hi, just want to let you know that I am glad that you decided to write on....

  2. Hello! Good to hear from you again! :D