Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fine motor skills

This week i gave babydoll mostly practical life activities.
After numerous practise, she finally was able to successfully thread the beads!

The threading set came with beads of different themes (fruits, numbers, insects etc). I took the chance to 'test' her by asking her to give me 'banana', 'grapes' etc. No sweat!
Scooping and transferring small colored cotton balls.

Another similar activity; this time it was transferring beads into her mother garden toy teapot.
Slotting coins into a piggy bank.

I gave her my credit cards and have her slot them into a (very worn out) box.
A sensory activity: Duplo stamping onto playdough.
I made an effort to teach her the letter 'a'. When asked she can say its 'a' but i am not sure. I suspect if i mix it up with other letters, she may not recognise it. Well, anyway!
Babydoll is 20 months old.

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