Friday, 11 January 2013

First week at homeschool@sg

Phew! We did quite a massive lot this week! Whoohoo!
I am trying to up our homeschool work since he's older & due for Primary school next year.
We finished on Singular & Plural nouns. I splashed lots of assessment exercises on him. :)

I created my own 'worksheet', wanted to make sure he entirely understood what he learnt.

Unlikely my smarty niece, i need to make sonshine commit to memory when it comes to spelling. But the good thing is, it doesn't take him long to remember. I cashed in on that and made him memorise the spelling of numbers from 1-19 in a shot.

We also did Chinese! I made a few card words based on his lessons from the enrichment school. I shuffled the words and made him form the phrases as i call them out. My purpose was first to get him to recognise the words and hear me say the words.

I made him read aloud the entire passage (he got from his enrichment school) until he could read fluently and remember the new words. I think the flashcard activity (above) helped him alot in remembering the new words. I even had him check a Chinese dictionary for words he didn't understand.

He did some writing practice, 4 new words! Well, actually he probably learnt them in school (that's why he kept telling me it was so easy!). :P

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