Monday, 7 January 2013

Favourite books

Sonshine and i have been reading alot, alot, alot of books since he was a toddler. We read books ranging from fiction to non fiction. When he was younger, i get to control what books we read. Now that he is older, he chooses his own books. At the moment he has two favourite series and he would always look for these books during each library visit.
One of his must-borrow books is Berenstain bears.
If i had a choice, i would not select this series for him. I think the text is too chunky for him. But what do i know? I just have to follow his interest right? Still, i love the theme of these series because it focuses on moral values, manners, character building etc.
The other of his favourite series is Curious George. We have wiped out all the books in the series- not that there were alot to start with. The poor boy is still hoping he can find new titles whenever we are the library. I highly recommend this series, especially to boys. It is about a monkey who's curiosity always gets him into trouble. I like that the stories tell of how his mischiefs always end up helping other people. I also particularly like the DVD series which Sonshine also loves to watch. In the shows, George encounters some difficulties but he would try to think of creative ways using everyday things to solve his problems. Needless to say, it always ends up well and nice.
I am now in a panic mode because we are almost done with Berenstain Bear books series. I don't know what other books would interest him next.

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