Saturday, 19 January 2013

Math & a bit of mandarin

He practised on word problem sums on Kumon Book, grade 2. This week is about calculating money ie "An apple cost 90cents. The apple cost 40 cents more than an orange. How much is the orange?". He was able to work the sums independently while i entertained babydoll. He had all correct except one.

I bought a new assessment book for sonshine since he is about to finish the other one.

I made him do a few pages on patterns. In the above photo, he was suppose to cancel out the pattern that was odd. I thought the 4th (top) and the 6th (below) questions were quite tricky. But he did it correctly with no help.
Another tricky question which i figured out only when i was older. But he was able to get it right without me pointing out to him.
We also revised his Chinese lesson from his enrichment school. This time there was only one new word," 参加". Somehow it was so tough for him to remember this word, he would read 'can' as 'qin, cin' and even resorted to reading it as "回家" (because the last word sounds the same as "加").  But we overcame it, phew!

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